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"Your system works! I don't stay at the craps table more than 10-15 minutes at a time before I hit my target win."

Paul R. - Altadena, California



From: Russell Hunter

Dear Friend,

In the next few pages I am going to show you an extraordinary way of turning the ordinary casino game of craps into you own "private money source."

If you have been struggling to make enough money and failing, I am going to show you a better way!

I have uncovered an incredible new way of playing craps that is so unusual that I have never seen it used before. It pulls profits off any craps table super fast no matter what the table is doing!

What's even more important is that this special way of playing reduces losses to just a minor infrequent occurrence, and produces consistent steady profits you can bank on.

Please stay with me for just a couple of minutes. I am going to reveal information that may very well change your life, even if you have never seen a craps table!

I am going to reveal to you exactly how to make as much money as you will ever need.

Would you like to know how to make a couple of thousand dollars anytime you want to for just a few hours work?

How would you like to be able to win consistently and reliably at casino craps?

As crazy as it seems, by using this professional craps player's strategy you can turn what is normally a  losing game into a rock-solid all-cash income!

My name is Russell Hunter.  I make my money investing in stocks as well as trading.  However, even with the fast profits available with trading there is no better way to make money quickly and safely than using the Super Craps Strategy!

It is one of the most consistent ways ever devised to make money reliably using a system
proven to perform!

If you are at all like me, you are probably very skeptical when you hear claims about winning gambling strategies. So am I. That's why I am willing to back up everything I am going to tell you with irrefutable proof.  What is even more important is that the facts you are about to learn may be the key to turning your life around.


Here Are The Facts!

Right now, players just like you are making from $4,000 to $5,000 every day playing craps.

  • They aren’t doing it making pass line bets.

  • They don’t make come bets with odds.

  • They never even consider making field bets.

  • They don’t make hedge bets like Any Craps or Yo-leven.

  • They don’t make lay bets or even odds bets.

They use a system with a solid 86% win rate that consistently beats the craps game.

It’s called Super Craps and it’s now being released on a limited basis.

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An Amazing Discovery . . .

Winning at any gambling game is difficult. Winning consistently at craps is especially tough. That's why I was very skeptical when a casino boss told me about a man who regularly plays craps and wins.

By pure luck, I happened to meet him on one of my last visits to the New Frontier before they closed it and later demolished it.

"Rick," the craps pit supervisor, pointed him out to me. He was playing craps at the last table, standing at the far corner of the table next to the dealer on the left-hand side.

He wore an old cowboy hat that had obviously seen its better days at least ten years earlier. He was chewing on a stick, which I later found out was dipped in snuff.

He looked like someone who had just tied his mount up outside and walked in for a little gambling before riding back to the north range to round up strays.

In short, he didn't fit my idea of a winning craps player. However, at this point in my life I wasn't sure what one would look like, because the successful craps players I knew I could count on one hand, using only a couple of fingers.

I joined "Sam" at the table, bought in at the opposite end and starting making my own bets, while keeping one eye peeled on Sam.

The first thing I noticed was that most of the time he just made one bet. Sometimes he would put a couple of more bets out, but he would typically pull them down after one win.

His style of play was methodical and patient. Most craps players would find his approach too slow for their tastes as he never threw chips down in front of the stick man and wagered on the hard ways or on yo 'leven like most of the other players.

Over the course of an hour I watched his stack of chips grow steadily. The table was typically choppy, and most craps players, betting pass line and either making place bets or come bets, with prop bets thrown in for good measure, were losing quickly and leaving the table.

Finally, all of the other players were gone except for me at one end and Sam at the other.  Rick came by and spoke to Sam, who acknowledged me with a tip of his hat. I walked down to his end of the table and offered to buy him a cup of coffee, a shot of liquor, or whatever poison suited him.

We retired to a cocktail table in the front of the casino lounge where we could keep an eye on casino patrons going in and out of the coffee shop.

I won't give you every detail of what turned out to be a two hour talk. Sam and I had one strong common interest - an abiding interest in the craps game!

He told me he had been winning at craps for over ten years and was now retired and living in North Las Vegas. I asked him why he was playing on the Strip when there were several casinos closer to his residence, and he just smiled and said, "Cause I like the dealers here. I have known several of them for over twenty years."

Sam related some extraordinary stories to me. He was a real cowboy and really did know such things as roping and wrangling. However, he told me he had given up riding since a horse threw him real bad and he broke two ribs.

"It hurts too much to ride anymore." He grimaced as he spoke and I could almost feel his pain.

Sam told me a lot of stories about events in his life. Talking to him was like gaining true insight into a world that most people think died out a hundred years ago. He told me stories of storms spooking cattle herds, rattle snakes striking at his horse and long nights waiting for a mare to foal.

As we talked, I thought about what a wonderful story his life would make if he would only write down all of the events he had lived through.

Perhaps most important for you and me, Sam shared his craps system with me.

And, this was the most amazing part of all -

Over a lifetime of gambling and mostly losing, he had finally developed a real winning system that "gives me good results jus' about every day," as he put it.



Here's What Happened Next . . .

I was totally wired after spending the afternoon talking to Sam. I had made notes on half a dozen cocktail napkins and I drove back to my hotel. retired to my room to write everything down before I forgot it.

I finally got everything organized the way I wanted it about 11:00 p.m. I called room service and had them send up a meal. Even though I was very anxious to try this system myself, I knew I was tired and that I really needed to catch up on some sleep before I played any more.

I woke up with a start at 3:00 am. I tried to go back to sleep, but I was too keyed up. Finally, I gave up, took a shower, got dressed and headed back down to the casino. The craps tables were dead at the Rio.   However, it was just a short cab ride to Caesars Palace and there was still plenty of action there.

I ordered my coffee black and started making wagers according to Sam's approach.

One thing I really like about his approach is that unlike some frantic, "quick, make another wager" type of systems, his was very laid back.  I usually just made one bet at a time, except for "special situations" where I would add a couple of bets, usually for just two of three dice rolls, before I would pick up another win and pull my bets down.

Finally I realized I really needed a break, including a hearty breakfast. I glanced at my watch, surprised to see that it was now 9:30 a.m. I had played almost six hours.


Here's the part that excited me and that you will love -

Starting with $500, I now had over $1,700 in my kitty. I had averaged making over $200 an hour, making $5 wagers and calmly watching my bets.

Now $200 an hour may not seem like much to you, but I want you to think for a minute what this really means -

If you decide to remain a $5 bettor you can make a darned good living.  When you move up to $10 betting you'll make a cool $400 an hour.  And, as a $25 bettor, you'll net a highly respectable $1,000 an hour without fail!


Give Yourself an Instant Raise!

One of the things I like the best about the Super Craps Strategy is its flexibility. If you want to make more money, you can simply give yourself a raise!

Here's how you do that -

When I first tested the system, I was using a "Betting Level" based on making $5 wagers. Long-term testing has shown that wagering at this level will give you average hourly winnings of $221 an hour.

Before I go on, I want to clarify something for you. When I say "average winnings" I am talking about what you can expect after playing for hundreds or even thousands of dice rolls at typical craps tables.

Your winning rate for any given session will vary up and down from this average. For example, when I was first testing the system, my winnings averaged a little more than $299 an hour.

Giving yourself a raise is easy -

All you have to do is increase the size of your bets.  We'll show you how to let the casino finance your bankroll which you'll use to beat the casino to a pulp!  

I guarantee you'll love it!


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Ten Steps to Beating the Craps Game 

This manual reveals a strategy you can use to generate high wins at craps! You will find the information here worth its weight in gold! You'll learn:

Why picking craps as your main casino game to learn may be the smartest decision you ever make!

How to pick a winning system that will make money consistently - even at choppy tables!

How to become a winning craps player even if you have never played the game!


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This is a one-of-a-kind review of gambling systems we have tested that are proven performers!

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(Example: is CORRECT,
where as max1957@aol or max1957 are INCORRECT)





Let a Casino Finance Your Way To Making a Killing

When I say "Let a casino finance you . . ." I am not kidding. The quickest way I know to setting up and keeping a high level of casino winnings is to gradually increase the size of your average wagers as your winnings grow.

This is not as hard as it sounds. This system produces reliable and consistent winnings.  Whenever you want to win more all you have to do is raise your betting level!  

The key to winning a fortune with this strategy is to -


Gradually Increase the Size of Your Base Bets as Your Profits Grow

The table below gives some comparative amounts of Yearly Winnings based on different levels of wagering and the time you invest in play

Possible Yearly Winnings At Different Levels of Play

Hours Per Week Spent Playing Craps

Base Bet = $10

Base Bet = $20

Base Bet = $40

Base Bet = $80

Base Bet = $100  

2 hours






4 hours






10 hours







I want you to look at this table for a moment and think what this illustration can mean to you.

Let's look at the second row. It shows your possible yearly earnings if you play craps two hours a week for 50 weeks a year.

  • If you stay at the $10 betting level, you will pick up $9,000 extra a year.

  • By increasing the size of your bets to $20, your earnings will double, to $18,000 a year.

  • Once you let the casinos finance your move up to $40 base bets, your winnings jump to an average of $36,000 a year.

  • After you move up to $80 base bets, you will be in the $72,000 a year bracket.

  • Finally, after your casino winnings lift you to the $100 betting level, you can make $90,000 a year "investing" just two hours a week in your play.


Now, $90,000 a year is a lot, but it may not be enough for you.  Can you play an additional two hours a week, for a total of four hours?  If you can, your average winnings can jump to $180,000 a year.

Finally, if you want to play an average of just ten hours a week at the $100 betting level, you can make about $450,000 a year.

Do I have your interest now?

Please remember that these are not amounts I made up. They are based on thousands and thousands of craps decisions played in real casinos. And, they are averages including losing games as well as winning ones.

You're just in time to get the Super Craps 
System at 75% off the standard price!

And, on top of an outstanding manual filled with examples of how to use the system, you’ll get a “Super Set” of bonus manuals which will add even more to your winnings!

However, you must act fast!

This professional level craps system will only be released to 500 lucky players.

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Just How Hard Is It To Learn This "Super System?"

In case I haven't made it clear, this strategy is very easy to use. Most of the time you will only be making one wager. In fact, you can limit your play to the basic level, and never go beyond making just one wager at a time and still have the opportunity to win a fortune.

Let's take a look at one typical game that lasted for 20 craps decisions. To give you some perspective, 20 craps decisions might take thirty minutes in a land-based casino!

The game I am showing you occurred in Rio in Las Vegas in July, 2011 and took about twenty five minutes.  Here's how this game went -


One Game Played at Rio in Las Vegas in 2011


Bet Amount

Bet Outcome



















































































You will note that I won $130 for these 20 dice decisions and I didn't even wager on all twenty decisions.  For decisions 1, 4, and 11, I "observed" the action.  You'll learn exactly what this means once you get this system.

I think you can see that winning a game is fairly straight forward and doesn’t take too long.  And, you've learned about how to use casino winnings to finance your way to success.  It's time to find out more about this extraordinary system!


"Having purchased your manual, I must say that it is the
best publication on the market."
Malcolm M. - Aiea, Hawaii

"Your craps system is the best I've ever seen by far. It is a great money maker."
Doug M. - Batavia, Ohio

"This publication is well worth the price and has given me much more fun and profit than I ever imagined. This system is the most beneficial and most profitable."
B.  B. -  Jackson, Mississippi

"I have found your publications to be worthwhile and have found every one of them to be beneficial enough that they have at least paid for themselves.

"Overall I am
very pleased and very thankful for your publication. You may use this letter in promotions as I feel it has been very beneficial."
Meyer C. - Omaha, Nebraska

"I think your system books are the best I have ever seen. They are fantastic money makers."
Harry B. - Warsaw, Missouri

"Thank you for changing my life. Now I can feed my family.  It is a little rough when you are a senior citizen and become disabled.  When your low-roller craps system arrived, it allowed me (would you believe) to earn about $25 an hour. A literal bonanza.

"With this manual I should be able to finally pay off my debts! Then to share the bounty with others.

"God bless us all . . . "

Thaddeus S. - Detroit, Michigan

"Great book and outstanding strategy. I am an avid craps player who has strived to better my game.

"I hate to admit that I have probably bought every book on craps that I could get my hands on.

"Your book is on the top of my list of all the books I've ever purchased, and the best craps system of all time!
Dean M. - Worland, Wyoming



I Have Told You That This Special Way of Playing Craps Is Unusual. However, It Is. . .

  • Not a complex system that requires hours of study. It is easy to learn and just as easy to use!

  • Not a system that only works when a craps table is hot. Truthfully, anyone can make money at a hot craps table. But real life craps is not like the movies. "Hot tables" are not easy to find and any system based on finding a hot table will not produce consistent profits.

  • Not a system requiring that you spend a lot of time simply observing.  The "Captain's 5-Count System is a popular system that requires watching each shooter and then trying to "jump in" at the right time. This is the most boring way to play you can imagine and it is not the least bit effective.

  • Not a system requiring that you use paper and pencil when playing. This system is so easy that you will be able to use it virtually automatically in just a short time.

What Is More Important For You  Is That This System Offers Great Flexibility And Is Very Effective!

  • It can be used against any craps game anywhere the game is offered!  We have played craps with many rule variations at all levels of bets and the system's performance never waivers!

  • It is a system that puts you in total control. When you use it, you will usually be able to rack up a nice win in just a few minutes. If you want to play longer, you can do so, but there is no need.  Many players clear $4,000 to $5,000 every day they use the Super Craps System!

  • This is a great system for people who really hate gambling. Most people who say that they hate gambling actually hate losing money or may be afraid of the casino environment. This system is so powerful and easy-to-use that I know you will love it, even if you really do hate gambling!

  • This is the perfect strategy if you like "hit and run" gambling. Let's say you are walking through a casino on the way to grab a bite to eat. You decide to let the casino buy your lunch. You walk up to a craps table and put this system to work. Five minutes later, you will have enough to buy lunch for two, including drinks, dessert and a healthy tip!

  • This system can be adjusted to fit all levels of play. If you only have $50 for gambling, then this is the system for you. On the other hand, if you are serious about giving yourself very large paychecks, this is the perfect system for you. You can easily make $4,000 to $5,000 a day using it!




"How to Make $300,000 a Year
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Now you know about the fabulous Super Craps Strategy.  Get ready to learn exactly how this strategy will make a lot of money for you with "How to Make $300,000 a Year Using the Super Craps Strategy."  

This Fact-Filled Bonus Manual reveals exactly how you can use this strategy to make the casino bosses sweat bullets!

You'll get a proven step-by-step approach you can use to turn a midget bankroll into thousands of dollars - all from casino winnings!

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The Super Craps Program does a lot more than show you how to win at craps!    

It is a complete plan to make money.  With this proven plan you'll make money so consistently and reliably that you can count on it as a regular (and powerful) source of income!


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Long-term testing of the Super Craps System proves that it easily beats the craps game!  Our testing was done by real players in real casinos and represents a realistic estimate of how well you will do!

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In just a few seconds, you can download the amazing manual "Super Craps." Here's just some of the valuable information you will find in this amazing guide to winning  -

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  • You'll find complete step-by-step instructions that will get you up and running very quickly. You can start making money less than two hours from now!

  • You'll discover the simple, but highly effective "set up strategy" that will guide all of your betting. This is one of the unique aspects of Super Craps that makes it so effective.

  • You'll learn the very special techniques that you will use to win regardless of the trends at the table. With these you can win at hot, cold and choppy tables. You really won't care.

  • You'll find out how to apply the special "profit grabbing rules" that will propel you to winning 86% of all of your games.

  • You'll get the incredibly effective "bet step up method" that will automatically adjust the size of your bets to match table conditions.

  • You'll learn the virtually infallible strategy that you will use to gain an advantage over any craps game - quickly and with deadly effectiveness!

  • You'll get many specific examples of actual games played. This includes information showing you exactly how to use the strategy - including a detailed bet-by-bet analysis!

  • You'll find out the powerful hidden secret to beating the craps game cold. Once you apply this unusual knowledge, you will be able to set up your own powerful winning streak.

  • You'll discover exactly how you can put this knowledge to work to build an immediate, low stress way of earning large amounts of money with great safety and low-risk!


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You get a full year to try it out at my risk. If the Super Craps Strategy somehow fails you (and it hasn't failed to perform yet), just send me an e-mail and I'll make sure that you are refunded every penny you paid - promptly and courteously!


Some Players Call Super Craps The Best Money-Making System of All Time!

This extraordinary craps strategy is not like any system you have ever seen. One player called it the "casino killer." Here's some more information about this casino killing strategy -

  • It is not a typical pass line, come bet plus take odds type of strategy.

  • It is not some theoretical system like many published craps strategies. This strategy has been thoroughly tested by real players in real casinos and is 100% proven to work!

  • This approach to craps is so powerful that even using $5 as your base bet, you can easily make about $220 in a little over an hour!

  • If you want more money, you can either play longer or increase the size of your bets.

  • Unlike almost every strategy ever devised for craps, it doesn't rely on certain table conditions to win. When you use it, you can win on hot, cold and choppy tables.

  • Using the powerful combination of following the rhythm of the dice and the controlled betting strategy will give you consistent wins. Extensive testing has shown that the system wins an extraordinary 86% of its games.


"Your craps system is the best I've ever seen by far. It is a great money maker."
Doug M., Batavia, Ohio


"Your system works! I don't stay at the craps table more than 10-15 minutes at a time before I hit my target win!"
Paul R. - Altadena, California


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G. Miller - Los Angeles, California




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All you need to set up your own system for making cash withdrawals from the casino of your choice is the decision to commit yourself to follow the step-by-step guidance in this special manual.

I think you will agree that it is a tremendous bargain compared to any other moneymaking system you may encounter. 

When Sam and I first sat down and discussed revealing all of his secrets, we thought that $500 would be a fair price. 

As I thought about it more, I came to the realization that this is just too high a price. Finally, after lots and lots of discussions, we decided to offer this information at the unheard of limited time price of only $199.97!  (See Below)


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One Player's Experiences With Super Craps

Al C. loves to play casino craps.  He is a twenty-year veteran of the game and admits that he has never won consistently before becoming a Super Craps player.

Al lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is now playing craps four to five days a month in one of our Top Ranked Las Vegas craps casinos.

Al has been netting better than $21,000 a trip with the awesome power of Super Craps!

I could go on and on telling you about Super Craps players.  Why Not Download Your Own Copy for a Risk-Free Evaluation?


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This expose reveals where insiders in the know play craps in Las Vegas.

Casino A - $2 Craps Tables with 10X odds.  This local’s favorite is a tidy and clean casino and the single craps table features a clean layout with fairly new gaming cheques. There is an attractive cocktail lounge within listening distance of the craps table, often featuring country and western music. There's also a small sports book and cocktail service area on the south end of the casino.

Casino B -  There is no Downtown casino that can match the table offerings at this casino.  The craps pit here features three clean tables, experienced dice crew and generous 20X table odds. The table minimums are $5 and maximum are $1,000. These are perfect playing conditions for Super Craps Players!

Casino C - The best craps deal in all of Las Vegas is located right in the middle of the world famous Las Vegas Strip!  The Craps Pit here features two full-sized tables and a sit-down crap shoot. The two full tables feature a $3 minimum and a $500 maximum on flat bets with a $2,500 maximum on Free Odds, which are a super-generous 100x, the absolute best offering in the Las Vegas area, even better than downtown.

Casino D -  This Best Boulder Highway Casino is now offering $3 and $5 minimums on weekdays and posting 100X Free Odds. There are two tables, normally running weekends and Holidays, one table usually running on weekdays and during graveyard shifts. The 100X Free Odds posting is matched in Vegas only by our number one choice for play on The Strip. The facility also features an attractive cocktail lounge and often posts up attractive entertainment with a no-minimum requirement on cocktails.

Casino E - Here is another solid option in Las Vegas on the Boulder Highway.  The craps pit here features five tables. 20x Odds. $5 Minimum, and $3,000 Maximum. Maximum on odds is $5,000. The casino was remodeled in early 2000. For sports bettors there are nice 32" TV screens directly over two of the craps tables. This is the best overall craps deal on The Boulder Highway.



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We started looking for a comprehensive directory of craps games in Las Vegas and we couldn't find one.  That's when we decided to put together our own Ultimate Craps Directory for Las Vegas.

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We include complete information about the craps games available in every casino including minimums, maximums, table odds, proposition bets and our our notes about the games.



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